Electric Push Bike

Electric Push Bikes are one of the newest "gadgets" that are now freely available in various forms and styles. With Christmas just over three months away, these may become one of the items to have in 2017. With this in mind, Tower Insurance has spoken with the Isle of Man Vehicle Licensing Authority to ascertain the requirements for use on the public highway. 

The links below, take you to the regulations from Isle of Man Government for classification of the vehicles and also age restrictions. The PDF is the original legislation, updated by the 2013 change. The 2012 document classifies the vehicles and also minimum ages to use them.




Interestingly, in Northern Ireland, electric bike users on the public roads are required to have the bike registered, taxed, insured, have the appropriate motorcycle license and a crash helmet is to be worn by the rider. This may be useful to note for clients who could go on holiday to NI and take bikes and make them aware. We do believe that this may change so please ensure you check the current position before use.


The legislation is clear what is and is not deemed a motorised vehicle and should help you enjoy your new bike legally. Of course if you are not sure of the classification of the vehicle, check with the Isle of Man Government Vehicle Licensing and speak to your broker or Tower Insurance to discuss the insurance needs for your new purchase.