Pool Re has recently made changes to Terrorism including widening cover to include cyber “subsequent damage” (E.G terrorist cyber-attack on a plastics manufacturer where machinery malfunctions and overheats resulting in a fire at the premises), this would now be covered. Pool Re has also introduced new definitions.

Changes have been made to Terrorism Insurance cover provided by our wordings to ensure we are fully compliant with Pool Re’s reinsurance agreements. These changes come into effect as from 1st April 2018 and will be issued to each policy holder at the next subsequent renewal following this date. Notices will be included with policy documentation highlighting the changes to the wordings. Any questions, please refer to your insurance broker who will be able to offer the appropriate advice and guidance. Revised wordings can be found in the documents library;

  • UKC04511E Properties - Property Owner’s Insurance Specified Risks
  • UKC04512B Properties - Property Owner’s All Risks
  • UKC04513D Contractors Specific Insurance
  • UKC04514B Contractors Annual Insurance
  • UKC04820C Commercial Combined