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Insuring your office
The Professional Insured Office product from Tower Insurance, the local Manx Insurer, is a product designed specifically for offices on the Isle of Man. It is aimed specifically at those operating a professional business. Indeed you may also be interested in our specialist Professional Indemnity cover. That is why our Professional Insured Office policy has so many different sections, providing you with the cover you need under one policy.

What types of Office can be covered?
With so many different types of office it is impossible to list them all! The following examples are those we see most often, but any office, where the business could be described as being of a professional nature,  that can demonstrate an appreciation of the risks they face, and appropriate management of these risks, is likely to be suitable for the Professional Insured Office policy from Tower Insurance.

Accountant Charity Doctors Surgery
Acoustic Consultant Chiropodist Electrologist
Actuary Chiropractor Estate Agents
Acupuncturist Civil Structure Consulting Engineer Export Consultant
Advertising Agent Company Registrar Financial Consultant
Arbitrator Company Search Agent Forensic Scientist
Architect Computer Consultant Funeral Director
Auctioneer Conveyancer Ins Broker/Consultants/Agents
Author Counselling Service Loss Adjuster
Benevolent Fund Dentist Market Research
Careers Advice Service Design Consultants Secretarial Services
Careers Advisory Service Design Engineer Tourist Board Association
Chamber of Commerce Direct Marketing Agency Town Planner
    Trade Union


Tower Insurance recognises those businesses that have good general management, health and safety policies, intruder or fire alarms and policies that recognise the general wellbeing of their staff with discounts from our standard rates.

What cover is available?
Our policy contains many different sections of cover and options. A more detailed summary of the covers and options is available in our Professional Insured Policy Summary document.

Property damage:

  • Cover is provided on an"All Risks" basis. All Risks cover includes;
  • Theft cover whether or not there is forcible and violent entry or exit of the premises.
  • Replacement of locks and keys following a theft.
  • Buildings, general contents, tenants improvements are insured on the Day One Basis providing automatic 15% uplift of Declared Value
  • General contents are covered whilst temporarily removed from the premises and in transit.
  • Cover for buildings, Tenants Improvement and General Contents are on a “Reinstatement as new Basis”.
  • Deeds and Documents and Transparencies can be insured under the property damage section.

Liability cover:
Standard limits are shown below. Higher limits may be available on request.

  • Employers Liability £10,000,000
    Public Liability £2,000,000
    Products Liability £2,000,000
    Legal Defense Costs £250,000

Other covers:

  • Computer Insurance, including reinstatement of computer records.
  • Money up to £5,000 on the premises during business hours.
  • Money up to £3,000 in the safe overnight.
  • Personal Accident hold-up cover.

The Benefits of Tower Insurance Professional Insured's cover:

  • A locally based claims team, for when you need us most.
  • A policy designed and priced specifically for Isle of Man businesses.
  • Local customer service teams for you and your broker.


Professional Insured - Policy Summary

Professional Insured - Policy Wording