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Your house and its contents are probably the most valuable things you own. That’s why it is so important to make sure you have the right cover. Tower Insurance, the local Manx Insurer, offers a range of three different home and contents policies to meet your needs, whatever the value of your property, contents and valuables.  We offer three levels of cover, Choices, Preferred Choice and Prime Choice. 

If you are not sure how to calculate the cover you need, why not take a look at our Buildings and Contents guides to selecting a suitable sum insured. Please be aware that we are unable to advise you on a suitable sum insured for either buildings or contents and if unsure after using our guides, please seek professional advice from an approved valuer.

**Buildings & Contents Guides are currently being renewed and will be back online shortly - sorry for the inconvenience**

This is our standard product for those people looking for good value with all the key cover you might want.  We offer accidental damage cover (defined in the policy as visible damage which has not been caused deliberately) as an option and your personal belongings are covered for up to 60 days away from the home - worldwide. With our minimum sum insured just £30,000 for rebuilding costs and £12,000 for contents you might be surprised how little cover could cost. 

Preferred Choice:
If you have contents and valuables that are of higher value, why not ask us about Preferred Choice. It is our Mid-Net Worth product designed for people looking for a minimum of £75,000 contents insurance. It may cost you a little more, but with that comes additional peace of mind knowing that you have more comprehensive cover including ‘pairs and sets’ cover for jewellery and our promise that we will make no deduction for ‘wear and tear’, even for clothing. Unspecified valuables are covered up to £5,000.

Prime Choice:
If you are looking for the best cover available locally, Prime Choice is for you. With a minimum of £150,000 of contents to insure, you like the finer things in life and want to make sure they are insured appropriately. Prime Choice offers you the same approach to claims settlement as Preferred Choice but with some added benefits. Most importantly, you will benefit from a personal risk survey by one of our specialist High Net Worth experts. You get the comfort of knowing that because we have inspected your property there can be no questions after a claim about the level of security in place. It also comes with benefits such as a £10,000 Unspecified valuables limit and the option to add Annual Travel insurance under one policy. We even provide £500 of hole-in-one cover just in case you need it!

The Benefits of Tower Insurance Home & Contents cover:

A policy designed and priced specifically for Isle of Man individuals, whatever the value of contents you have.

Local customer service teams for you and your broker. You are always welcome to come into our offices in Douglas to talk about your policy or a claim.

A locally based claims team, for when you need us most. All payments are issued locally to speed up the settlement process.


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High Networth Household

High Networth - Policy Wordings

High Networth - Policy Summaries

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